Thursday, March 17, 2011

REALLY San Jose Sharks?

Look, I like the Sharks. They are my hockey team.
And yes, I realize that this is a NHL wide promotion.

But seeing that I have clicked on a few Sharks websites, this gem landed in my mail box.

The PRIDE of Ireland?

As a man who has some Irish blood in him, I don't recall hearing stories of my ancestors coming over on the boat, being conscripted into the Civil War, building the railways and working their way up the New England working class singing songs about the old country and Joe Thornton.

Seriously... The Celtics? The Notre Dame Fighting Irish? I'll listen.

The Sharks?
Their color isn't even green!

It is teal, which is bluish green.

That being said, this Irish American says Go Sharks (but not for any ethnic pride.)

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