Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My wife made a Schindler's List analogy with my blog tonight

My wife compared me to a Nazi running a concentration camp tonight. It's not often that happens. I will explain why.

I was about to write a long post where I respond to many of my new readers. My post yesterday about the Mets and their wasted $18 million brought in literally thousands of readers and many comments.

And very few of the comments were “Hey, I thought your post was funny. I am looking forward to more of your wit and humor in the future.”

A reader named Dave wrote "your just dumb" and sadly will never know how ironic that is. (When I corrected him, he called me a dick and said it was a typo. Sorry Dave, it isn't a typo when you think you typed it correctly.)

An anonymous reader told me to "suck a fat cock u negative fool."
A fellow named Stephen called me a "complete idiot" and there were others.

My assertion that the Mets would lose 90 games got the most flak.
The team lost 83 games last year and their only improvements seem to be role players and getting rid of bad players.

Meanwhile the Phillies added Cliff Lee. The Braves added Dan Uggla. The Marlins pitching staff is deep and they play those three teams 54 times this year.

Throw in the fact that they have a manager who hasn't managed in a decade and was HATED in Houston and with the Angels.

And oh yeah, the Mets won't have Santana and have the specter of the Madoff scandal hanging over their head which could mean a fire sale at mid season.

And even the most optimistic appraisals of the team have them at .500.

But 90 losses is an outrageous prediction?

So I was cracking my knuckles tonight, ready to give it to all of them. Besides, they are all Met fans. Between 1986 and 2003, I don't recall getting any sympathy from them! Living in New York, all I heard from Met fans was "Buckner" (or "Schraldi" from smart Met fans.)

And my wife didn't approve.

WIFE: Show them some mercy.
ME: Why? They called your husband bad names.
WIFE: Remember that scene in Schindler's List?
ME: There was a baseball scene in Schindler's List?
WIFE: No. Liam Neeson told Ralph Finnes to show mercy and that was more powerful. Don't give them power. You know they are wrong. So show mercy.

I paused.

ME: So in this analogy the Met fans are in a concentration camp?
WIFE: Don't over think it.
ME: And in this analogy I am a Nazi commandant?
WIFE: I'm going to bed.

Some martial advice for you all... always go to bed with your spouse comparing you to a Nazi.

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  1. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Smart woman. But nobody here is "wrong". You say they will lose 90, I say they wont. we will talk when the season is over to see who was Wrong.

  2. Well, if they don't think they will lose 90, how many do they think they will lose? I'll go with 88.

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