Thursday, December 08, 2011

Angels lose the C. J. Wilson sweepstakes

The Angels think C. J. Wilson had 5 elite pitching seasons left in his arm?
That's more than double the number of terrific seasons as a starter that he has ever logged in the majors.

I've been saying for weeks that the team that signs C. J. Wilson will regret it.
And while he is bringing depth to the rotation, I don't even buy the logic of "He may not be an ace, but he doesn't need to be on the Angels."

He may not NEED to be but he is being paid to be.
And keep in mind when John Lackey was being bandied about in free agency, I thought "He's not an ace, he shouldn't be paid like he is."

When he landed with the Red Sox, I thought "well, with Lester, Beckett and Buchholz it takes a lot of pressure off of him and it should be a decent fit."

How did THAT turn out?

You know how every year someone writes a "Worst Contracts in Baseball" article.
Well get typing on including C. J. Wilson.

By the end of the 2013 season, people will be asking "What can they hope to get for him with THAT contract?"

Meanwhile the Rangers won't be saddled with this contract, can spend the money wisely and get some picks to replenish the farm system.

Mark the date.
I'm saying it now.

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  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I totally agree this was an overpay. If the Rangers make good use of the picks they get from the Angels, they won't miss Wilson in the long run. However, with the Pujols signing, I believe they actually only get the Angels second rounder. Still, they were smart to save the money.

    As for Lackey, he was mediocre in 2010, and I'm pretty sure now he was pitching with a bad elbow for most, if not all, of 2011. Yes, he got overpaid, but he should be a lot better in 2013 and 2014 (still not worth the money but probably better than Wilson will be in the long run.)

  2. I agree with you on this Sully. Giving older pitchers big long-term deals seems to go sour most of the time. Hopefully Texas didn't miss the exception the rule on this one.

  3. in my humble opinion, I think that losing C. J. Wilson is very problematic for Angels since he is a very good player and he is a sensible loss of course for the team