Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Marlins, Albert Pujols and Herman Cain

Am I the only person who doesn't buy the 10 year deal the Marlins are offering Albert Pujols?
Am I the only person who thinks it is just a show?

I think the Marlins made their big splash with Jose Reyes and Heath Bell but they want to keep excitement up in Florida... oops sorry... Miami and sell more season tickets in their brand spanking new stadium.

It's kind of like Herman Cain's "Run" for President.
Come on. He was never REALLY running. He was building up his fame and most importantly his ability to charge on the public speaking circuit.

And it worked!
Did YOU know who Herman Cain was?
If you answered yes, I can only assume you are in the Pizza business.

But now we all know who he is now.
Heck he is even in a Sully Baseball post!

And the Marlins are courting Pujols but NOT REALLY!
They are wining and dining him and offering 10 years.
It's 10 years, $40 thousand a year. BUT it's 10 YEARS!

Create the appearance of spending for Pujols... that's all the Marlins need to do.

Maybe they'll take him to Godfather Pizza along the way.

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  1. Or they could be running a Delgado scam all over again -- sign him long-term but trade him after one year. I notice the Marlins refuse to include a no-trade clause in their contract offers.