Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Brewers should sign Manny to replace Ryan Braun

Well won't this MVP presentation be awkward for Ryan Braun on opening day.
"Here's your trophy. Now sit down for the next 50 games for being caught with PEDs."

They should bring in Manny to replace him while he is sitting out his suspension.

He's rested, won't cost him a draft pick, is usually good when he arrives on a team and hey... you can't play the whole "We don't want a juicer on our team" angle.

Yeah it's sad because Braun seemed like a good guy and easy to root for. But the guy tested positive, and how much of a blockhead do you have to be to come up positive in this day and age.

Yeah yeah yeah, he didn't do it. Just like Andy Pettitte didn't. Just like Rafael Palmeiro didn't do it.

Either way, let me just say I don't feel so dumb thinking Matt Kemp was the MVP of the National League over Ryan Braun!

(Quick, someone test Matt Kemp.)

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