Friday, December 09, 2011

Shame on any Cardinal fan dumping on Albert Pujols

Hey Cardinal fans.
Tell me that these are just a few bone headed isolated incidents.

Please tell me that nitwits like this guy don't speak for you.
Show some dignity and have yourself heard over these idiots.

I respect the hell out of St. Louis fans so tell me that you are making fun of this person.

I shouldn't be calling them the Cardinals.

So tell me that you remember that...
That you remember Pujols getting 3 homers in Game 3 and getting the double that started the game tying rally in Game 6.

In fact I am not going to insult Pujols by listing his amazing resume.
He's Albert F*cking Pujols!
He just gave the Cardinals 11 brilliant seasons.
And guess what? The Angels will be paying for his twilight years.

Pujols didn't owe St. Louis fans a damn thing.

Did I forget LeBron's two championships in Cleveland?
Did I forget LeBron leaving it all on the floor the way that Pujols played his guts out for the Cardinals?

For more than a decade Cardinal fans had the privilege of watching the most exciting player of this generation in his prime... no positive tests... no scandal... multiple championships... What more did you want?

Should Reds fans have burned Pete Rose's jersey when he went to the Phillies?

Your reputation as classy fans are second to none, Cardinal Nation.
Don't spoil it by acting like spoiled petulant kids.


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I'm in STL and I've encountered nothing but positive comments concerning Pujols. The only news report that exhibited a little bit of disdain was based on the Pujols restaurant which now faces a serious identity crisis. But even so, that report hardly seemed indignant.

    Those people burning his jersey must realize that Pujols is a F****** baseball player. His jersey is not the flag of some foreign country, whose policy decisions gravely effect your standard of living.

    But again, generally the talk has been positive. It took your post to make me aware of these others who treat Pujols's presence as if it were the difference between them eating dinner or starving to death.

  2. pagos5:58 AM

    Don't let the antics of a few mislead you. Players come and go, but true Cardinals fans are fans of the team. It was a pleasure and a joy to watch Pujols for 11 years, but all parties concerned made decisions that they deemed to be in their own best interests. So be it. Life goes on, and I understand that there's still a pretty good team in St Louis.

  3. J How?12:25 PM

    Good for Albert, but I understand St. Louis Fans' angst after losing their cities poster child. Losing Larussa and Pujols within months can make fans feel like they are experiencing a city-wide crisis.

    I'm a die hard soccer fan, and this whole thing makes me think of the Barcelona great Ronaldinho. Before leaving Barcelona for another European giant (Ac Milan), Ronaldinho wrote an open letter to the city of Barcelona thanking them for the greatest years of his soccer career and explaining his reasons for leaving. Here is the fans response after Ronaldinho returned to Barcelona in a Milan jersey:

    If you've ever been to a St. Louis game you'll know the support their fans show for their team and even the opposing teams. I'm sure after the initial shock wears off, St. Louis fans will retire his name and number and even build a statute in his image, but until then, maybe all they want is that open letter explaining his appreciation and thanks for the city and team that made his career.

  4. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Easy for you to say...Teddy Ballgame didn't just bolt for the Yanks did he?! Screw Albert!!

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  6. even though you are right about that fan who did that to the jersey, you've gotta give him that it is too funny and creative how he transformed the 5 into a $ to express what he thinks about Pujols or the team

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