Friday, August 07, 2009

Glub... Glub... Glub...

Hey Junichi Tazawa! Welcome to the big leagues!

The Red Sox cut a Hall of Famer to make room for you.
No pressure.

And oh yeah, your first game will be in extra innings at Yankee Stadium in a game the Red Sox need desperately to win.

And each pitch you throw could end the game.

Good luck.

All things considered, he didn't do that badly. He gave the Red Sox 1 2/3 of shutout ball... until of course letting up a walk off shot to A-Rod.

In the 15th f---ing inning!

I guess scoring a single run in the first 14 innings was too much to ask for.

2 of the Sox last 4 games were lost deep into extra innings.
2 of the Sox last 4 games had their bullpen wriggle out of trouble with the game on the line only to see an All Star third baseman launch a 2 out walk off shot.

If the Red Sox lose tomorrow, they will have matched their longest losing streak of the year.

On August 2nd the Red Sox were 1/2 a game out of first. When August 8 ends they could be 5 1/2 games out. 

They could drop 5 games in the standings in less than a week! Is that even mathematically possible? They went from being on the verge of over taking the Yankees to possibly having Texas and Tampa catch them.

Let's hope this is the low point.
Let's hope this is the wake up call.

All I know is I can't watch tomorrow. I'm sorry boys. I love you and you know I always root for you... but tonight took too much out of me. 

And Tazawa... next time hopefully you will pitch in a less stressful enviornment!

Let's update the board.


April 17 - 10-8 win against Orioles. (Overcame 7-0 deficit.)
April 24 - 5-4 win against Yankees. (Bay homers off of Rivera in 9th to tie it.)
April 25 - 16-11 win against Yankees. (Overcame 6-0 deficit.)
April 29 - 6-5 win at Cleveland. (Overcame 5-0 deficit.)
May 12 - 4-3 win at Anaheim. (Down 3-1 in the 8th.)
June 11 - 4-3 win against Yankees. (Down 3-1 in the 8th. Rallied against Sabathia.)
June 12 - 5-2 win at Philadelphia. (Overcame Ryan Howard's 9th inning shot to win in 13)
June 21 - 6-5 win against Atlanta. (The wind turns Nick Green's fly ball into a walk off shot)
June 27 - 1-0 win at Atlanta. (Masterson and Papelbon wiggle out of late jams.)
July 1 - 6-5 win at Baltimore. (Sox score 4 in the 9th and Lugo wins in in the 11th)
July 8 - 5-4 win against Oakland. (Wind keeps Hairston's 9th inning go ahead homer in the ballpark)
July 10 - 1-0 win against Kansas City. (Pedroia drives in the only run with 2 outs in the 8th.)
July 30 - 8-5 win against Oakland. (Ortiz tests postive then hits a 2 out 3 run go ahead homer.)
July 31 - 6-5 win at Baltimore. (Youk's 2 run homer saves Smoltz from another bad start.)


April 14 - 6-5 loss at Oakland. (Sox blow early 3-0 lead. Lose in 12)
April 28 - 9-8 loss at Cleveland. (Sox blow early 5-1 lead. Lopez drops 3rd out.)
May 14 - 5-4 loss at Anaheim. (Ortiz goes 0-7 stranding 12 runners.)
May 15 - 5-4 loss at Seattle. (Red Sox blow their second 4-0 lead in three days.)
May 17 - 3-2 loss at Seattle. (Red Sox strand two in the 9th. Lose in the bottom of the 9th.)
May 23 - 3-2 loss to the Mets. (Papelbon lets up a 2 out 2 run homer in the 9th to Omir Santos)
June 18 - 2-1 loss to the Marlins. (Rain washes out a tight game after 5+ innings.)
June 28 - 2-1 loss to the Braves. (Tying run on base in the 9th. Solid Penny outing wasted)
June 30 - 11-10 loss at Baltimore. (The Red Sox blow a late 10-1 to the lowly Orioles.)
July 3 - 7-6 loss to Seattle. (Red Sox comeback in the 8th only to lose in the 11th.)
July 4 - 3-2 loss to Seattle. (Saito walks three in the 9th as the Mariners rally to win)
July 9 - 8-6 loss to the Royals. (Bullpen blows early 4-0 lead.)
July 21 - 4-2 loss at Texas. (Beckett loses a complete game and the Yankees take over first.)
July 22 - 3-1 loss at Texas. (Sox are swept for the first time all season.)
July 28 - 9-8 loss to Oakland. (Sox blow 3 run lead in 9th. A's rally with 2 outs in 9th and 11th.)
July 29 - 8-6 loss to Oakland. (Down 5-0 in the first, Sox comeback falls short)
August 4 - 4-2 loss in Tampa Bay. (Longoria hits 13th inning walk off with first base open.)
August 5 - 6-4 loss in Tampa Bay. (Sox gets swept in a 2 game series with the tying run at the plate).
August 7 - 2-0 loss in New York. (A-Rod's walk off with 2 outs in the 15 ends a teeth grinding marathon.)

Down to -5

At this point all I want is ONE game in the Bronx!!!!


  1. Hey Sully, I know I said I would never go to another teams site, but since Newsday shit the bed, I've been itching to talk to you and the crew.

    How bout dem yankees! Honestly, what a game last night. Great pitching matchup across the board, great defensive plays ( that JD Drew play was incredible ), but in the end the Sox pen was a man short with the rookie having to take one in the ass. The Sox robbed V-Mart ( unless that kid in the low minors really does turn out to be an ace ), but since V-Mart didnt drive in a run or help win in last nights could assume that the Sox may have won if =

    1. Lowell was in last night's game ( he always kills his us, his original team )
    2. Masterson would have been that last SP giving solid pitching length.

    Lets be honest, even though you say the young kid did well last night, everything the Yanks hit off of him was hard. He was getting lucky with Matsui lining out to start it off, Hinske's near game winner and Melk missing a double by an inch on a line drive. That kid was going to get it sonner or later, Arod HR in the 15th or not. If Masterson was on your team, we may still be playing.

    But thats pure speculation, maybe we win anyway. Funny how the tables turned Sully, remember when we got swept early in the year and I told you that games that early in the seasson are just games. You argued with me that they were important. I agree, they have importance, every win does. But some 12 weeks later, in a tight pennant race with Tampa...I think this is where the games really start to matter.

    The Sox have had some injuries in the rotation, but the y also took some risks are getting a little burned. The Yanks lost an 18 game winner too in Wang. Wakefield's been on borrowed time. Smoltz was coming off of major shoulder surgery and is in his 40's. If the Braves gave up on him, you know something wasnt right. Say what you want about the Braves, they know good pitching. Then you have Brad Penny, hate to get all fantasy baseball on you, but anyone who's played fantasy baseball konws that Brad Penny is the WORST 2nd half SP. Anyone stuck with him after July was doomed. If you think he's going to get better, think again. Go look up the career splits and then give me your answer.

    Lastly, I dont care about the Ortiz crap, I hate that he's even having a press conference today to give another half assed apology. "Im sorry, Il never do it again..BLAH BLAH BLAH" can print out the same speech for Vick, Plax, Arod, Papi, Manny, etc" I said this way back when the "villian" was the only juicer this year..that is until two other guys stole the show...just release all the names and move on, having it bleed out like this is going to be worse for baseball. Now that fan favorites are implicated, now everyone is saying the same crap. Who cares, they were all doing it, I think Canseco and Cameniti were right, 80% of the league. The records shouldnt have *, they should be looked at like pitchers stats from the "dead ball era". Now the hitting stats will be the "juice era". If there is a "Juice Era", it makes Pedro's stats even more incredible. He may be the only player from DR I can honetly say was not on the juice, guy was built like a poll, but thats a topic for another day.

    Well that pretty much covers it Sully. Let me know if you stop by another Yankee site, I cant stand Pete AB's blog, fucking 1500 posts on 1 topic!! If you gave up on Yankee sites, Ill drop in here from time to time to shoot the shit with you.

    Later brother...


  2. As a Yankee fan I am happy now, But the Yankees back of the rotaion is almost as bad as the Sox. and even if the Yankees win the Division that really does not mean anything, And for Thre Yankees and Sox, 2 Words. Tampa Rays. If they catch up to either or both then both will not make it to the WS