Friday, August 28, 2009

Hey Steve Physioc... knock it off

Steve Physioc, the former Bay Area sportscaster turned Angels announcer, doesn't seem like a bad guy.

He basically strikes me as Ted Baxter without the gravitas. 

But he did something tonight during the Angels wild comeback against Oakland that simply needs a public flogging.

Kendry Morales, who is having a break out season, hit a go ahead 3 run homer.
Everyone in Anaheim (I'm sorry... Los Angeles) is going nuts.

And The Phys says "K-Mo goes Bam Bam on the A's."

Read that again.

"K-Mo goes Bam Bam on the A's."

I will even allow him to slip "goes Bam Bam"... but K-Mo?

Really? Does ANYONE call him K-Mo?

Or is Phys trying to be cool and coin a nickname. Either way, he must be stopped... or else I will go BAM BAM on the Phys!

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