Monday, August 24, 2009

Of course

Of course I spent the weekend celebrating my brother's wedding.

I didn't watch much baseball this weekend but nothing that happened surprised me.

OF COURSE the Red Sox and Yankees each scored 29 runs in 3 games, but the Red Sox won only one game.

And OF COURSE with Beckett and Penny pitching, Tazawa would be the only starter who did a good job.

And oh yeah... OF COURSE John Smoltz would find his stuff in his debut with the Cardinals.

The Red Sox starting rotation has more holes than the plot of the last Indiana Jones movie, and the one pitcher they totally gave up is throwing like a Hall of Famer.

Granted, there is a BIIIIIG difference between facing the Yankees line up in the wind tunnel and facing the 2009 Padres in Petco, but STILL!

Can we make a trade for Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan???

Oh yeah, OF COURSE in a game where the Mets get an inside the park homer and show some guts coming back from a big deficit, they have a game END on an unassisted triple play.

It's bad enough to line into one... but seriously, when your game ends with an unassisted triple play, just acknowledge the baseball Gods have it in for you and call up your triple A team.

And OF COURSE the Giants would score 11 runs in one game...

And have Lincecum pitch into the 8th inning in another game...


11 runs in a loss?

Did the Giants score 11 runs in July?

And finally of course the first place Tigers would lose a series to the lowly A's... and the second place White Sox couldn't take advantage as THEY lost 2 games to the pathetic Orioles.

Just another predictable late season weekend in baseball.

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