Friday, August 28, 2009

The NL Cy Young Award has been clinched... thanks for playing

At this point, Chris Carpenter would have to throw three straight no hitters to wrestle the Cy Young away from Tim Lincecum... and even then, I'm not sure he'd earn it.

You want stats?
Lincecum won his 13th game, 4th in the league.
He lowered his ERA to 2.33, 2nd in the league.
He leads the league in innings pitched.
He has the third lowest WHIP.
He has the second lowest batting average against.
He leads the league in strikeouts.
He leads the league in complete games.
He is tied for the league lead in shutouts.

And now you want your ace showing up for the big game?

How's about tonight's game in San Francisco? Colorado coming into town... Giants need to win... and he throws 8 shutout innings and brings the Giants to within 2 games of a playoff spot in late August.

It's his.
He's won it.

He will be a two time Cy Young winner before his 26th birthday.

Nope, I don't think it is too early to be wondering where his place will be among the all time San Francisco legends.

Stay healthy pal... you are getting the hard part of your Hall of Fame resume out of the way early!!!

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  1. You want stats?

    Carpenter won his 16th game, 2d in the league (despite being injured for almost a month).
    He lowered his ERA to 2.16, 1st in the league.
    He has the lowest WHIP.
    He leads the league in strikeout to walk ratio, the single most important indicator of a pitcher's effectiveness.

    Its very close. To say Linecum is ahead of Carpenter that the race is already over is just not being objective.

    Strikeouts are important but strikeouts to walks are a better measure (altho Linecum is second there).

    Carp's season is even more impressive coming back after two missed seasons.