Monday, August 10, 2009

I officially can't figure out the Marlins

Seriously... what kind of team is this?
On April 19th, they were 11-1.

On May 23, they were 6 games UNDER .500.

They beat up the Nationals all year... until this month where they were swept by the worst team in baseball.

Their season was done.

They go into Philly, and sweep the World Champions and are now only 4 games out of first as of this writing have the lead against Houston.

Is this a team that is going to sneak into the playoffs? Or is this a .500 team that can get on a roll?

I have no clue. But man isn't it interesting knowing that they can dismantle the team AGAIN and still put a winner on the field?

Maybe they can give the Pirates some pointers on how to field a winner with no resources, no fans and no hope.

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