Thursday, August 20, 2009

What could take priority over blogging about the Red Sox and Yankees?

The pennant race is in full swing... the Yankees are coming to Fenway and the season is winding down.

How could ANYTHING distract me from that?

Well something is.

My brother Ted is getting married this weekend in Santa Barbara to the wonderful Marya.

And I am looking forward to celebrating that wonderful even and seeing my family.

My brother has been my great collaborator, my best creative partner and my best friend all of these years.

So needless to say he takes priority.

(Not that I won't be checking the scores on my cell phone!)


  1. Congratulations to your brother. Have a semi great Weekend,
    Your brothers happy time and the Yankees taking 2 out of three.
    See if I was such a bad guy I would say the Yankees should sweep the Sox But I am one of those "GOOD" Yankee fans.

    REally have a great time with your family Sully

  2. I'm bored at work, Sully... you are not helping. Oh well.