Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I AM ROOTING FOR THE YANKEES! And Giants Fans Should Root For The Dodgers!

You read that right!
You pal Sully... a classic Yankee hater... is pulling a Johnny Damon and putting on pinstripes!

For the next three days I am rooting for the Yankees.

I see the pinstripes and I think PRIDE!

And I feel a little teary eyed when I think of all 26 of those titles... like a little part of me helped win each one of them.

Heck, I might even pop in Pride of the Yankees to get myself pumped up!

And Giants fans tending to their wounds after tonight's brutal loss to the Rockies...

It's time to bleed Dodger blue.

It's time to think of the heroism of Jackie Robinson.

It's time to think of the artistry of Sandy Koufax.

It's time to think of the magic of Fernando, Orel and Gibson!

It's Dodgertown! It's Mannywood!

High five Lasorda and know that Monday isn't just a day of the week... it's the guy who homered in 1981!

Why would I suggest two preposterous notions as Sox fans cheering on Jeter and Giants fans saluting Manny?

Big picture, folks!

The Red Sox aren't catching the Yankees. It's not happening. The Yankees are a full week ahead of the Red Sox and there are only 6 weeks left.

Even if Boston makes up a game a week, they'll fall short of the division.

And the Yankees are on a rampage these days... so might as well have them rampage over the Rangers and carve a few games off of the magic number.

Same thing with the Giants who are also 7 back of the Dodgers. Yeah it is sexy to think of passing the Dodgers for the Division, but it is even sexier to get INTO the playoffs with a rested and ready Lincecum and Cain! And after dropping the last 3 gut wrenching games to the Rockies, they are 4 out.

They need the Dodgers to help do what the Giants bullpen couldn't manage... stop the Rockies. Or at least throw some strikes.

The only thing that matters are wins... and if we need to switch sides momentarily when it helps our team, then think of it like Clint Eastwood in Fistful of Dollars.

It was necessary at the time for Clint to switch sides and in the end, he was the only one to survive.

So GO YANKEES! And my dad better be saying GO DODGERS!

Sure the Wild Card may bring about some strange bedfellow... but I want a fistful of World Series rings!


  1. I'm a Rangers fan so obviously I'm not rooting for the Yankees, but being forced to root for a team you hate is one of the things I really love about baseball. Sometimes you have to go against every fiber of your being and hope the team you wish the greatest failures on has a good series. Rest assured, if the Rangers don't win the Wild Card, I most certainly won't be rooting for the Yankees against ANY team, but I'll be rooting for them down the stretch when the play the Sox or the Rays.

  2. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I will NEVER bleed bum's blue!