Thursday, August 20, 2009

In many ways, these are my favorite kind of games to win

Seriously, when you looked at the match ups this week and you saw Clay Buchholz vs. Roy Halladay, if you were a Red Sox fan you'd put a big fat L next to that one!

So when the Red Sox not only win... but win convincingly... and don't have to use Papelbon... and I can take my kids for a nice walk during the 9th inning because I am not sweating bullets...

It wasn't even a dodged bullet game (even though Buchholz did a Mr. Magoo impersonation avoiding danger). It was an old fashioned clear cut win, with Lester and a rested Papelbon ready for the sweep.

And oh yeah, Papi and Bay are heating up.

Am I asking too much for a sweep?
And then would I be asking too much for 2 out of 3 from the Yankees to win the season series?

Maybe I am.

But the Magic Number is now 43... the Minnesota Twins have been the comeback kids against the Rangers and the Red Sox control their own destiny.

Man, the Wild Card race sounds so regal when I use terms like "control their own destiny!"

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