Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Red Sox show some fight!

I called my dad last night during the Giants - Dodgers game last night and my dad couldn't resist giving my Red Sox a little dig.

"You root for thugs! Hooligans! The Giants are role models!"

He might be right. But I can tell you one thing... this is NOT a repeat of 2006.

The Red Sox got smacked around in a 5 game sweep by the Yankees in '06 and suddenly the team went limp. Either everyone got hurt or they quit.

This team got swept by the Yankees and are coming out swinging, in EVERY way!

The team is showing some fire, some guts and can even survive and ejection or two.
Youk gets tossed?

Fine, Lowell will come off the bench and hit a pair of bombs.

Seeing Lowell and Bay hit homers was more than heartening.
And the kid Junichi Tazawa let up 3 runs but guess what? It wasn't a do or die inning like the bottom of the 15th in New York!

Just keep winning games, Red Sox.
The Magic Number to make the playoffs is 50.


  1. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Except that Youk got his ass handed to him by the pitcher... that was a pretty nice take down by Porcello!

  2. Youk came out like a "Girly man" throwing his helmet,

  3. He looked like Don Zimmer coming after Pedro

  4. and all I know is the Red Sox bats are alive now... and that's all I care about

  5. Then the Giants get in a fight the next day... lol... good call, dad.