Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Circling the bases with Bill Mazeroski 50 years ago

Today is the 50th anniversary of Bill Mazeroski's homer that ended the 1960 World Series. I've seen pictures and clips of it since I was a kid. And I've always been struck by something in this famous celebration picture.

There were kids running up to congratulate Mazeroski. There were also his teammates. Then there is a blue collar guy right behind Mazeroski.

Then... there's this guy.

The guy in the suit and tie, running along side the kids.

The guy dressed like someone who should be at work that Thursday afternoon.

The guy who is balding with a bit of a belly, but is as happy as can be rushing the field.

These days, they get the tazer gun out when you rush the field.

Back then? You can be a business man and no one will stop you.

It's an early 60s business man. Clearly not a Don Draper, but possibly Freddy Rumsen (before he peed his pants.)

I figured out that in 1960, this guy was probably old enough to remember the 1925 World Championship season for the Pirates and the 1927 NL Pennant winners... and probably never thought he'd see another Pirates champion again.

And when they did win... he was a kid again.

He's probably not with us anymore, but if he did pass, he no doubt savored the Pirates titles in 1971 and 1979.

I wonder what he expected to do when he caught Bill and was part of the group hug at home plate?

Watch the video of the homer... you can see him at third base and running right into the scrum.

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  1. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Also, who were the kids? Has anybody identified any of these "civilians"? There's a great picture of Mazeroski rounding 3rd base, too--and that shows a security guy chasing after the kids.

  2. Anonymous6:05 AM

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  3. Anonymous6:08 AM

    You can see all sorts of kids and adults streaming onto the field--many were already on the field! If you Google New Yok Times October 13, 2013 for Legends, Selling Relics, you'll see the 3rd base photo I was referring to. How cool that would have been?! Greeting Mazeroski as he rounded 3rd and those €£|€|^%~!>#€>Yankees went down to defeat!!

  4. Anonymous10:27 PM

    The "blue collar" guy is a bus or trolley driver I'm sure of it