Thursday, October 21, 2010

There's at least ONE family in the Bay Area not excited about tonight

The Giants are on the verge of clinching the National League pennant in what would have to be considered one of the greatest upsets in the Wild Card era.

The Bay Area is going nuts and is partially in shock as Tim Lincecum will take the mound with a chance to not only win the Pennant, but set up the rotation while the Rangers and Yankees will battle deep into the weekend.

You would think that the whole Bay Area, which hasn't seen a pro champion since the 49ers beat the Chargers in the 1995 Super Bowl, would be thrilled.

Ahhh... you forget the power of venom.
Lest we forget the Oakland A's fans. And when you think A's fans, you SHOULD be thinking of Don Marquez, friend to Sully Baseball, author of the wonderful book Generation A's Fans and part of a gigantic family of rabid Oakland fans.

They are A's fans and Giants HATERS.

(It is safe to say that NONE of them own one of those Half A's Half Giants hats that made the rounds in 1989.

And one thing Don and his family seem to love is the fact that the World Series title count in the Bay Area is A's 4 and Giants 0.

(4 to 0 was also the result when the A's and Giants squared off in the 1989 World Series.)

In the book he describes how he and some members of his family went to AT&T Park and asked security where they kept the World Series trophies for the San Francisco Giants.

Good solid venom.

And now he is feeling like that ultimate bragging right could be slipping away.

And he isn't happy about it.

Hang in there Don.

I guess it is the same as if you were a Yankee fan in 2004, realizing the days of chanting 19-18 were coming to a close.

He laments upon this potentially dark day in Athletics Nation today.

So is his book.

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  1. That is what is sad about the A's fans, they just have nothing else to do but root against the Giants. I could give two shits about that sad stadium and the fans who never show up but they hate the Giants bad, which leads me to believe that they are all jealous. We have a better fan base, stadium, city, uniforms, hall of famers, etc... But yah keep rooting against the Giants, maybe that will make your team somewhat better ya losers

  2. Hey Don... you going to take that crap?

  3. I admit to being envious at this particular moment. That's about it. But as much as I dislike the Giants, it's not even close to how much I love the A's. That is where my true passion lies. And I honestly don't care who has the better fan base (debatable), stadium, city, uniforms (nope), hall-of-famers, etc. Which is what makes me laugh about Giants fans. They do care about that stuff. Need to hold on to something, I suppose.

  4. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Don's my uncle and I got a couple quotes and pictures in that book. We show up to games and love the A's and that old stadium. And our trophy case. I don't root against the Giants. I could care less about them. I hope the Giants fans one day (maybe even this year) get to know what it is like to have a trophy, but I'll be rooting against them because I like being the only bay area team with a trophy room.

  5. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I think Rickey Henderson is greater than any Giants player that I have seen in my lifetime (I am too young to have seen Mays so I dunno about that).

  6. Can we at least all agree to hate the Oakland Raiders? In my mind, if you are a Giants fan then you are most likely a Niners fan and hate the Raiders.... If you are a true A's fan, I think you have to hate the Raiders because of how Al Davis and Company ruined the once beautiful coliseum by moving back to Oakland.

    As for the Giants - I was raised by a family with a major dislike for the Giants... I've never had anything against the Giants fans - I just don't like the team. If they end up playing the Yankees in the World Series though then I will root for them.

  7. Anonymous3:22 AM

    If A's fans are venomous, it's a response to annoying Giant fans. You have to earn respect; demanding it and calling A's fans "HATERS" does not help your cause.

  8. Anonymous8:36 AM

    lmao jealous of what exactly? A loser franchise with zero rings? Your sole accomplishing being losing to the angels in the world series? Perhaps making it by Philadelphia?

    Give us as a call back when you have 4 rings, jackasses.

  9. Ooooh. I like what is going on here! FIGHT BACK, GIANTS FANS!!!