Saturday, October 09, 2010

Were there four games played last night?

It really felt like there were more than 2 games played, didn’t there?

The Reds and the Phillies played two games yesterday… in the first game the Reds showed some serious guts. They came right out swinging, homering in the first at bat.

Bronson Arroyo was in control, Roy Oswalt was faltering, Chase Utley was a mess in the field and the mighty Phillies were vulnerable.

Then they played ANOTHER game in Philadelphia. In this one the Phillies bats were clutch, the calls went against the Reds and the defense would have made Lupus hide his face.

They played 2 games in San Francisco as well. In the first game, the bats were cooking and Matt Cain was dealing. The Braves looked dead from the neck up and AT&T Park was rocking.

In the second game, the Braves got the key hits, made all the right pitches and made the right plays. Meanwhile the Giants pitching nibbled too much and could not get in sync. Eventually it was a Braves shot into McCovey Cove that was the difference.

The problem for the Reds and Giants? They only played one game each today. And now both teams are facing a dire situation in Game 3.

The Reds are staring down elimination.
The Giants have to face Tim Hudson.

If only those first games could have counted!

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  1. I'm pulling for the Giants, but I'm waiting on a post on the Yankees. Come on, Sully, let's have your take on the Yanks!

  2. No offense Sully, but Tim Hudson is OVERRATED... since when has he been clutch in postseason play? And I know you're a baseball-reference guy, so I'm sure you won't have trouble finding out what his September ERA was this year. He was BRUTAL, losing to the Mets, Nationals, and got beat down by the Cardinals in that Kyle Lohse Sunday Night game.

    Tim Hudson in a big game? PLU-LEASEEEEE....

  3. Huddy actually did pretty well, KP Wee... he even broke up Sanchez's no-hitter. How many other pitchers do you know can come back with a 17-9 season a year after they got Tommy John surgery... good question for Sully here is, "who has the best record following a year in which they had Tommy John surgery?"