Thursday, October 07, 2010

Michael Young swung

He struck out.

The video showed it.

Instead they had to strike him out AGAIN and he hit a three run homer to break a playoff game wide open and possibly sink the Rays.

Now were the Rays winning this game if Young struck out?
We don't know.

But we DO know is they unraveled after they were denied the strike out they earned.

Remind me why Qualls needed to get FOUR strikes again?

Oh yeah... the HUMAN element.

(We are setting up for a disastrous Denkinger-esque call this post season... some critical game will be turned on a bad call... if only we had the technology to FIX that.)

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1 comment:

  1. Interesting but irrelevant. Texas already had two runs on the board when Mike went yard. Tampa Bay never even put one up. Texas wins without Michael (Or Josh Hamilton, who was next up) doing anything at the plate. In fact, they win on James Shields' error during a pickoff attempt in the first. I could stand a little more crying on the Rays part if the game was close or if those three runs were the difference. It wasn't and they weren't.