Thursday, October 07, 2010

Lincecum picks up the gauntlet

My dad and I were talking about the Giants game this afternoon. My dad said "people are going to be expecting Lincecum to throw a no hitter on the heels of Halladay."

Well, he took care of THAT thought with the first batter.
I knew my dad was AT the game and when I saw he let up a lead off double, I thought "Oh man... please don't get rocked."

He didn't throw a no hitter... but DAMN he did the next best thing.
A DOMINATING complete game shut out?
2 hits, 1 walk and 14 STRIKEOUTS!!!

Now is there a baseball fan ALIVE who doesn't want to see a Lincecum/Halladay match up?

You could argue it was more impressive than Halladay's game.
You'd be wrong, but you could argue it.

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  1. What a masterful performance. I am in awe of his skills, I wish the team could score more though. 1 run will not get it done during the rest of the post-season.


  3. no mention of all the blatant blown calls by the umpires in favour of the Giants?

  4. There was one blown call, sore loser braves crybaby. The Braves had numerous chances after it to win the game. They didn't. That's on them.

    Deal with it.