Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hey Yankee fans... the Rangers MASCOT is mocking you

Are you going to TAKE THAT?

(Savor this feeling, Rangers fans. If it is 1/3 as awesome as 2004, then it is sweet indeed.)

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  1. Don't guess they have any choice but to take it. It does feel awesome. I would guess about on par with 2004 for BoSox followers.

  2. Not a problem; I'd hang that picture of the mascot on my wall...right next to the multiple "27 World Championships" memorabilia items that I already have.

    Puh-leeze. What is that anyway? A camel?

  3. Leave it to a New York fan not to recognize a horse. Not surprised at all.

  4. Sarah4:16 PM

    Ha ha, for the record that great photo is taken by Ron Antonelli of the New York Daily News! :) It's a palomino horse, right, Spiff?

  5. Maybe the horse would realize tradition means a lot... if his team had any.

    I just checked: 13 current teams won their first trip to the World Series, but 14 lost theirs. (I'm counting only in their current cities: The Boston Braves and the Milwaukee Braves won on their first tries, the Atlanta Braves did not.) And no Texas team has ever won so much as a single World Series game. That horse better watch what comes out of the horse's mouth, or else the Giants could send him to the glue factory.

  6. How exactly did Tradition play in this series Uncle Mike?

    How did tradition play when the Yankees lost to the Angels (another team that had never won a playoff series) and won the World Series on their first try?

    How did tradition play when the Diamondbacks won THEIR First crack at a World Series?

    (Ah yes... Yankee fans always lose gracefully)

  7. Tell ya what, Sully: Win a World Series since World War I without steroids, and then you can mock anybody you want. Until your team does, your "tradition" is one even Phillies fans wouldn't swap anymore.

    And after Sox fans threw all that garbage onto the field in 1999, I don't want to hear about "losing gracefully." Those were probably the kids of the ones who stoned the school buses in Southie in '74. New York needs a lot of things, sometimes even a lesson in class -- I, too, am often, as you put it, "a petty little person" -- but Boston is the last city that should be offering that lesson.

  8. Is the guy whose team won last year with Andy Pettitte and Alex Rodriguez getting holier than thou about steroids?

  9. And Uncle Mike... I was there for Game 6 in 2004 when they had to break out the riot gear because people were throwing things on the field. It is safe to say that you shouldn't be throwing anything in that glass house of yours.

    In THIS century, the Red Sox and Yankees are tied with 2 titles. And both of our teams came up short this season.