Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Earlier this month made my picks for the post season series... as did my wife.

When I made MY picks, I compared them to the picks of my kids (who just liked the sounds of certain teams) my sister in law (who was more interested in which players were vegans) a coin flip (always reliable) and my fish, Red.

When Red made his choices, I held up a picture of the logo of each team playing in the series and I saw which direction he swam in.

Well so far each of MY picks have been right.
And so have Red's picks.

We both picked the Yankees... we both picked the Phillies... we both picked the Giants.

But here's the rub.

I picked Tampa Bay over the Rangers.
Red picked the Rangers over Tampa Bay.

So tonight is the rubber game.

Oh yeah, it means a lot to the Rays and Rangers... either a chance to have home field advantage in the ALCS or go home.

But think about it from MY point of view.
This is my chance to pick all four series correctly. Something I haven't done in literally YEARS!

And if I fail, I will have lost to a fish.

It's one thing to lose to the chance of a coin flip, or the silliness of my kids, or the randomness of my wife or sister in law's picks.

But to lose to a fish... it is something I can not bear.

So like Santiago or Quint, I am obsessed defeating a fish.
Is it a healthy?

Is it luck?

"No. I am not ... lucky. I am not lucky anymore."

"The hell with luck," the boy said. "I’ll bring the luck with me."

(That's right, Mo Fo's... I'm quoting Hemmingway.)

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  1. Go Red! Pulling for you and the Rangers. Sorry Sully.