Saturday, October 09, 2010

There goes the "Instant Replay Slows Down The Game" argument

Another day... and once again any argument against instant replay becomes more and more moot.

After Chase Utley was put on base as the tying run in the 7th inning after he WASN'T hit by a pitch, there was a bang bang play at second base.

The runner was called safe, prompting Dusty Baker to come out and argue... and slow down the game. An argument that would never have happened if a replay official would be able to look at the tape and say conclusively "Safe" or "Out."

Yeah, the game was broken open with the sloppy play.
But Utley should never have been on base and there should have never been need for an argument at second.

Instead the game is delayed because of no replay.

And of course this is the focus over the solid pitching we've seen so far.

Let's keep sending in those "logical reasons to NOT have instant replay."
Haven't read one yet.
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  1. I agree that there has to be replay...keep an extra ump in the booth, looking at the video, then he (or she?) can relay to the crew chief on the field what the call should be. No arguing.

    Though, I would miss the great baseball tradition of having the manager chew out the ump. No more throwing a base like Sweet Lou or kicking dirt on the ump's shoes like Billy, or turning the bill of your cap around so you can get even MORE in the ump's face the way Earl Weaver used to.

  2. look at the replay again in slow-mo

    the ball changed direction slightly after it glanced him, a ball can't change direction that abruptly in mid air without hitting something

  3. Utley admitted the ball didn't hit him.

  4. Anonymous7:10 AM

    he said he thought it did, never admitted it didn't

  5. If Chapman hit him with a 97 MPH pitch (glancing or not) he'd have done a legitimate Jeter act hopping and wincing in pain. BS!

  6. Why not go the one step further?

    We have the technology.

    Use laser technology to define and monitor the strike zone. Use the same devices to monitor base lines and foul poles.

    Use sensing devices on the bases to detect whose foot was touching a bag and when that occurred. Use the same technology in players uniforms to determine if they have been hit by a pitch.

    Use audio technology to determine the moment the ball hits the glove and cross-reference that with the timing of the toes touching the bag.

    I could go on... we are a technology based society... WE have the answer.

    Heck... we don't need ANY umps.

  7. I actually agree with you about the strike zone.
    I am writing a post about that.

    Why the hell should different umpire have different strikezones?

    We see on TV INSTANTLY if the ball was over the plate in the zone. No interpretation. No "He calls the high strike" or "He calls it a ball off the plate."

    That little box on the side of the LIVE GAME?
    That should be on the jumbo tron.

    No more arguing balls and strikes.
    No more umpires squeezing a pitcher.

    Throw a strike, you get a strike.
    Throw it outside the zone, you get a ball.

    Still waiting for a logical argument AGAINST instant replay.

    Haven't heard it yet