Saturday, October 09, 2010

Girardi is not so dumb now, is he?

When the Yankees and Rays were going down the stretch, there were a lot of Yankee fans killing Joe Girardi for not playing all of his veterans in every game. "They HAVE to win the Division!" was the rallying cry.

I heard one person KILLING Girardi for not using Mariano Rivera in both games of a double header in the last meaningless weekend of the series.

The Rays won the Division... the Yankees are the Wild Card... and it doesn't matter.

Who is looking good now?

The Yankees need one win at home and they are off to the ALCS.
The Rays can't afford to lose on the road or they are playing golf.

It is like when the Twins caught the Tigers for the Division Title on the last day of the 2006 season... but the Twins got swept out of the Division Series and the Tigers won the pennant.

Which team would you rather have followed? The Division winner who couldn't win a post season game or the team that went to the World Series?

Joe has been there and done that... that 28 on his back isn't for Division Titles.

Joe thinks it is more important to have Mariano ready for THESE games rather than the tail end of a "who cares?" double header in Boston.

I have a feeling most Yankee fans agree.
(So would Tampa fans.)

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