Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can the Pirates go 47-47 the rest of the way?

Seriously, I'm not asking them to win 100 games or the Division. (Although they ARE only 2 games in the loss column out of first.)

I'm not talking about them becoming a dynasty or making Pittsburgh forget that they love the Steelers.

The Pirates have 94 games left.
Split them. Go .500 the rest of the way...

And suddenly the tired storyline of "They haven't had a winning season since Francisco Cabrera knocked in Sid Bream" will be over.

A weight would be lifted.
A dreadful identity would be shed.

Their pitching has been good... their defense has been solid... their bats have been clutch.

.500 ball. That's not asking a lot for 58% of the season.

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