Thursday, June 16, 2011

Should you REALLY have a big celebration after a walk off balk?

Seriously Braves... I know it was an extra inning win. I know it is always great to win.

But when you win on a vague technicality, shouldn't the celebration be a bit muted? Or a bit like "Oh boy we got away with one."

Like if a cop let you go on a speeding ticket or you realize that the cashier gave you too much change back.

I mean if you win on an error, at least the ball was put in play.
If you walk off with a walk, a good batter's eye was used.
Even a hit by pitch to end the game means good crowding of the plate.

But a pitcher twitches and you act like Chipper Jones launched an upper deck shot?

It doesn't sit well with me.

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