Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mo Vaughn is at the Yankee/Brewers game?

Mo, I love you man. Head on down the Jersey Turnpike. The Sox and the Phillies are playing.
(Seriously, what connection does Mo have to the Yankees or the Brewers?)

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  1. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I was wondering the same thing when I read this post. He is originally from Norwalk, CT which is pretty damn close to NYC. He probably still lives in MA or CA now. He should be at the Sox game though.

    On another note, really nice guy. Met him when I was 9. Signed a billion things for me, none of which I can find except for a card. (The ball he signed faded) Wish I still had the picture with him though, moved so many damn times I lost it.

  2. Well if he outside must be a good reason for it, many people will just tell, the guy is black, but as we all know the weak north americans can handle a hard game like the black race, which is stronger of course.