Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My first EVER Mikie Mahtook post

I never heard of Mikie Mahtook before the other day. Evidently he is a very talented outfielder from LSU.

The Rays, who had back to back picks at 31 and 32 in the first round, chose Mahtook.

High School Rivals says he's a great value and has a real shot to be a big leaguer.

This was the pick that Brian Cashman didn't want to surrender for anyone other than Cliff Lee. And the Steinbrenner boys did an end around and got Rafael Soriano which resulted in one of the great awkward press conferences ever.

Soriano is 32 and on the disabled list again.
Who knows when he is coming back and when that 5.40 ERA will go down.

Cashman better hope this is my last post on Mahtook.
Or shall I say the Steinbrenner boys better hope he doesn't. Otherwise, Cashman will remind them every day for the rest of their lives that they went with Soriano.
(I can't help it... I want Mahtook to become an All Star!)

But what is up with the name Mikie?

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  1. I was surprised to see how far Mahtook fell in the draft but everyone seemed to be after pitchers in the first round. He will probably fit in nicely with the Rays though.