Monday, June 20, 2011

Not much is different in Marlins land

Meet the new boss.
Same as the old boss.

Actually he IS the old boss.
The REALLY old boss.

Chris Jaffe wrote a great piece on how old Jack McKeon is for The Hardball Times.
Well his first decision didn't bode well for the return of Trader Jack.

He benched Hanley Ramirez.
Yeah yeah yeah. He was showing his star that nobody was safe.

Yeah yeah yeah. Old School blah blah blah.

The team lost again.
They lost their 11th straight game.
They lost 2-1.

Hanley Ramirez could have been helpful.

The Fish had better win a game pretty soon. They are 9 games in the loss column out of a Wild Card spot.

Or else Trader Jack might be trading away some of his players.

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