Friday, June 17, 2011

Edwin Rodríguez has managed a full season

Tonight was Edwin Rodríguez's 162nd game as Marlins manager. That's as many games as Joe Girardi got.

He is 78-83 over those 162 games. But the last 17 haven't fared well.

The Marlins are 1-16 this month. That is grotesque.

And as of this writing not only are they in last place by themselves, but losing ground to the Nationals of all teams.

Something needs to be done and one of the real options is to wave the white flag for this year and make a deal or two for the future.

Or make a change with the manager. It is early enough that a great month could get them back into the pennant race. But June is already lost. A lost July and what should have been the warm up to the better days in the new ballpark will be lost.

I can't stress enough... I have NOTHING against Edwin Rodriguez. But he was an interim manager who very well might have shown that he isn't the guy to lead this team.

A lot of managers are let go after one full season. Rodríguez has given the Fish that.

It's time for a change.

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