Sunday, June 12, 2011

I gave Cleveland fans TERRIBLE advice

In my Sully Baseball video, I told Cleveland fans to stop watching the NBA and start watching the Indians.

The Indians are 11-17 since then and have fallen into a first place tie with the Tigers after this recent disastrous sweep by the Yankees. They have lost 14 of their last 18 games and playing totally uninspired baseball.

Meanwhile the Heat and LeBron James lost the NBA Finals, partially because of some dreadful 4th quarter numbers put up by LeBron James.

So if Cleveland fans listened to me, they'd see their baseball team lose and MISS LeBron James get suckerpunched.

I humbly apologize to any Indians fan who listened to me.

But hey!
If I told you at the beginning of the season that the same day LeBron James got humiliated out of the Finals, the Indians would have a share of first place, you would ALL take it.

So look at it that way.

And let's see the video for the last time.

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  1. Not only LeBron is 0-2 in the Finals but both of his losses came against Texas teams