Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Pittsburgh - Cleveland Conflict

I don't know what to do in the Pirates-Indians series.

On the one hand I am rooting hard for the Pirates to have a winning season and I don't want to see them lose momentum.

On the other hand I always support Cleveland teams to help relieve their awful drought. And with the Indians recent slide, I'd like to see them get back into first place.

So here I am, casually rooting for BOTH teams. It's a quandry.

Fortunately a solution could have emerged.

The Indians won the first two games and the Tigers lost their first two games with the Rockies. So the Indians are back in first place by themselves. Even if they lose today and the Tigers win, they will have a share of first place.

So I want the Pirates to win today so they can get back above .500.

Hey, I need to be organized in my secondary rooting interests.
When the Pirates and Indians play the Red Sox, it is much simpler: I just want the Sox to kick their ass.

I am diplomatic that way.

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I like your diplomacy!