Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Focus on winning... have the Yankees focus on retaliating

The talk in Yankee-land seems to be about Mark Teixeira's being beaned and knocked out by Jon Lester (a notorious hot head) and Big Papi flipping a bat away after a homer (because I'd be SHOCKED if the Yankees ever had a home run celebration.)

Even the writers are talking about retaliation.

Let them.
Go ahead.

Put some runners on base for A. J. Burtnett whose ERA against the Red Sox last year was over 7! Put something on their mind other than winning the freaking game.

Two teams tied for first place shouldn't be thinking about hurt feelings.

A team that has lost 6 of the first 7 head to head games with their biggest rival shouldn't be talking about anything other than their win and loss record.

If A. J. Burnett hits a batter, so what? It's another runner on base.
It's not like the Yankees will be afraid of Tim Wakefield throwing a 40 MPH knuckleball at them.

So come on Tim! Another win will put you 10 behind the All Time Red Sox wins leader. Now THAT is something to keep track of.
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