Friday, June 15, 2007

There had better be a HUGE standing ovation for Dave Roberts!

I'm sure a lot of attention will be placed on how the Red Sox fans will treat Barry Bonds when he comes to the plate for the first time at Fenway.

Here's how the fans should be reacting:
They should be standing and cheering when Bonds comes to the plate.

But they shouldn't be cheering for Bonds. They should be STILL cheering for Dave Roberts.

The Roberts standing ovation should last his entire at bat, through Randy Winn's at bat, through Ryan Klesko's at bat... if it is a one-two-three inning, they should be standing and applauding when he goes out to center field. When the bottom of the first is over they should stand up and applaud when he comes back into the dugout and be STILL standing when Bonds comes up as the clean up batter.

The applause should be as loud as if the PA announcer said "Ladies and Gentlemen! PAUL REVERE!"

Both guys helped Boston with their speed late at night.
Roberts was probably more personable.

(What, was I supposed to go the whole week without bringing up the 2004 post season?)

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