Thursday, June 07, 2007

Um, isn't Oakland a Major League city?

Let me just double check something.
The Oakland A's are a major league team, right?

Thus, by definition, Oakland is a major league city right?

As a rabid Red Sox fan living in the Bay Area, I wanted to watch the A's/Red Sox afternoon game this Thursday.
It had added significance because I learned Curt
Schilling was throwing a no hitter.

So you would think catching one of the local major league teams on TV would be an easy thing to do, this being 2007 and all.

No TV.

Not that I didn't get the channel... there was no TV crew dispatched to Oakland today.
What was on Fox Sports Bay Area?

Either a countdown show listing the craziest Terrell Owens moments or the finals of the Hungry Hungry Hippos championship.

(Can you imaine the outrage in New York if the Yankees decided to not show a game? Or the Mets? Or in Boston with the Sox? In Oakland they don't even care.)

I'll listen to it on the radio.

Now here in the Bay Area there are two 24 hour sports radio stations.
Guess which one was playing the only live Major League game going on in the Bay Area?


One had Ralph Barberi still complaining about Benitez and the other had Chris Myers talking about NFL training camps.

No, the A's have their games broadcast on another station that must be a one watt radio station.

Seriously, you have to sit in the station parking lot in order to get the signal clearly.

A guy broadcasting from his dormroom sticking a coathanger out the window would get a wider audience.


You want to build a stronger fan base?

And sign a deal with a radio station that doesn't say "10-4, Over" at the end of the broadcast.

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