Friday, June 01, 2007

My thoughts on the two most recent A-Rod controversies

A few people have e mailed me privately wondering why I haven't commented on A-Rod's infidelity nor his yelling "hey!" during a pop up distracting the Blue Jays' third baseman the other day.

Could it be that I don't care about either?

Alex Rodriguez is an unfaithful husband.

Wow, I don't think even Razor could have predicted that!

You mean a famous, handsome, athletic, rich ego maniac who spends weeks at a time on the road in fancy hotels was unfaithful?


Now there is a slight ripple effect to this controversy.
First of all, someone at the Post got a bonus for the STRAY ROD headline.
And I'm sure Joe Torre is so happy that all of this is happening on the eve of another Red Sox/Yankees series.

I'm sure the Boston media will let it blow over.

So will the fans, no doubt. They overlook details like that in Fenway.

But I really don't care.
I know ballplayers run around on their wives. Not all of them, but a lot do.

And while that stinks, it also doesn't affect my life one bit.

Yankee fans should be concerned about how he plays on the field and that's it.

I cheer for Curt Schilling
even though he is a right wing Christian coalition blow hard.

I don't care about his politics. I care that he can throw a little horse hide ball past grown men swinging a bat. And that's all. And if being a blowhard makes him a better pitcher than so be it!

Being a lousy husband didn't hurt Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle.

In fact I think finding morality can hurt a player. When Gary Gaetti was a hellraiser, he was an All
Star and won the ALCS MVP in 1987.

He found God and also found a .226 average.

He should have gone back to drinking.

It's irrelevant. We should know by now to not expect these guys to be beacons of morality.

Of course, for a guy as obsessed about his image as A-Rod is, he may have thought about separate cabs. I know cab fare can be expensive, but Cynthia might be getting a lot of that $250 million contract now!

Again, a nasty divorce and faces all over the tabloids might be the last straw before he opts out.

Hell, if the Yankees fall any further in the standings (if that's possible) why not consider trading him?

Also, for a guy who wants to emulate Jeter, he missed a
crucial lesson from the captain.

If you want to run around with lots of very hot women and cash in your "I'm a horny handsome athletic world famous millionaire" card for some string free sex... don't get married!

Very simple. No scandals around Derek Jeter. Just a huge smile and 4 World Series rings.

Also he didn't write a crappy children's book.


A-Rod yelled and distracted a Blue Jays infielder during a pop up.

Um, OK.
So what?

I didn't realize baseball stadiums were supposed to be as quiet as Wimbledon now.

How is that any different than pulling a decoy play?

Besides, the Yankees needed a win any way possible and A-Rod would do anything short of slapping the ball out of someones glove.

So, this extensive post not withstanding... I don't care.

Red Sox/Yankees tomorrow.
THAT'S what I care about.

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  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    you say you don't care that baseball players cheat on their wives- that it "doesn't effect my life one bit", well, we'll see if you feel the same way after you come home and find your wife in bed with former St. Louis Cardinal 3rd baseman Ken Reitz!

    Open your eyes, the A-Rod's and Reitz's of the world are ruining lives and must be stopped!