Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This is why you jump out to a 2 week lead!

People have been asking me if I am nervous about the Yankees creeping up and the Red Sox blowing a 14 1/2 game lead.

First of all, as I wrote earlier, there was no way the Red Sox were that good and no way the Yankees were that bad.

And since taking 2 of 3 from the Sox at Fenway, the Yankees have been unstoppable.
And today they made it 8 in a row... a team rising from the dead.
A team that everyone wrote off blazing a longer than a week winning streak and slashing that lead nearly in half after the Red Sox loss tonight.

And guess what?
The Red Sox STILL have the biggest lead of any division leader.

And do you know what will happen if the Red Sox lose every game next week and the Yankees win every game next week?

The Red Sox will STILL be in first place.

The Yankees are doing a nice job beating up beatable teams (the collapsing White Sox and the entire National League) and I do admire that they have made it above .500.

(Start with modest goals I guess.)

Any team with that many veterans starters and that shaky a middle relief corp will come back down to Earth.

And not even the biggest Yankee fans you will ever meet will admit that the Wild Card will come from the runner up of the Central.

But as a Red Sox fan, I won't get nervous until the Yankees get to within a week of the Sox.

Thank God they got off to the big lead.

Beckett goes tomorrow. Try to lower that magic number to 89 or 88.

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  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    "But as a Red Sox fan, I won't get nervous until the Yankees get to within a week of the Sox."

    does seven and a half count as a week?