Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hey Tampa... you are welcome

A disappointing season has come to an end. Devastating injuries, some subpar performances and the fact that the Rays and Yankees were just better did the Sox in.

All things considered, 89 wins and not being eliminated until the last week wasn't too shabby.

But hey, the Sox won 4 of their last 6 against the Yankees (and the two losses were extra inning losses.) So they showed a little bit of heart at the end.

And oh yeah... they knocked the Yankees out of the Division and into the Wild Card. Not that it matters... but if having the Yankees do some extra traveling makes them miserable, then that is all this petty Red Sox fan needs to know.

Thanks for the season, Red Sox. It wasn't pretty and the results weren't what we hoped... but there were some fun games.

And hey, after all those years just wanting a shot at a title, it is good to have a year that tests the true fans.

Now fix the outfield.
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