Saturday, October 02, 2010

Now pitching for the Red Sox... Ted McGinley

Have you ever flipped around the channels on TV and landed on a show you really liked. And you start watching it because, well, you love the show.

Then you realize it isn't an episode from one of the good seasons... and it is very clear from the beginning that, while it is the same show, you aren't going to get any pleasure out of watching it.

Like finding an All in the Family episode, but it isn't one with Meathead or Gloria but with the little girl Stephanie.

Or an episode of M*A*S*H after Radar left. (Hell, after Frank Burns left!)

Or a Fantasy Island episode without Tattoo (they did a season without him!)

Or just seeing Ted McGinley in the opening credits.

That to me has been the Red Sox this last week. I feel obligated to watch it because it is my favorite show... then I see Cousin Oliver show up, or another game where Daniel Nava is hitting up in the order... and my shoulders slump.

Oh man, this is when the show began to suck.

The one good thing about the 2010 Red Sox? They are about to be canceled.

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