Sunday, June 05, 2011

Things that suck are good again

It wasn't that long ago that Carl Crawford and John Lackey were the very symbols of everything going wrong in the 2011 season for the Red Sox?

Overpaid... possibly overrated... players who were hated by Red Sox Nation BEFORE defecting to Boston and sucking in Fenway (making them hated even more.)

Red Sox haters loved to point at them and say "See! Even all the big spending can't buy wins."

They looked pretty dang good.

And when the Red Sox took an early lead, I never once felt like the game was in danger. I am not even going to put this in a Dodged Bullet or Teeth Grinder. Sometimes it isn't an issue of the score but of the emotion.

Maybe the hiccup is over.
A's swept.

Bring on the Yankees...
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