Thursday, May 31, 2007

Meet Razor... a.k.a. Nostrodamus

I saw this clip on YouTube today...

A Mets fan by the name of "Razor" (named after St. Razor no doubt) is obviously pumped after the final nail in the coffin of Armando Benitez' Giants career.

Good for him. Clearly a good Mets fan.
But then he turns to the camera to say "I called that!"

Wow! Really bold prediction there, Razor!
You, a Mets fan who saw him blow lead after agonizing lead, predicted he would blow this game as well? Was it his two balks in the inning or more than a decade of late inning failures that gave you this premonition?

Tomorrow Razor will no doubt watch the sunrise and say "I called it! The sun was coming up! I CALLED THAT!"

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