Saturday, September 01, 2007

9-8 losses are the worst

I'm dead serious, they are the worst kind of losses.

If your team loses 10-0, you can say "Hey, we didn't have it today." I find blow out losses, especially when the blow out comes quickly, to be easy to swallow. Pitching stinks, hitting stinks... wasn't meant to be.

If your team loses 1-0, it's frustrating, but the other teams pitching was clearly good and you can chalk it up to "Hey... the pitcher was on his game."

But when you lose 9-8 like the Sox did to Baltimore last night, it's enraging. You look at the pitching staff and say "All you needed to be was mediocre! Not even good... just 'eh' and we have a win!"

Bad loss.
Yeah, it was less enraging with the Yankee loss... but I want a big fat week long lead again!

I'm greedy!

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