Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Don't treat Buchholz like he's the crystal egg from Risky Business!

We have a kid with an awesome arm that nobody has seen yet who can get a few starts in.

And maybe even use him in a post season game and have him play the young phenom card.

But nooooooooooo!
We have to use some bizarre "We're saving his arm so he might not even be on the post season roster!!!!"

Someone from on high declared a certain number of pitches is all he'll throw. And then I guess he's going out to stud?

Why not shut him down for all of 2007 AND 2008? Think of how much you'll save his arm if he doesn't pitch at all!

I think the rules around Buchholz (and the Yankees rules around Joba for that matter) are total madness.

We have Dice-K who is getting slapped around and Wakefield is hurt and a stud young pitcher to step into the rotation and the Sox are treating him like the napkins you are only supposed to use on holidays and special occaisions.


As my Newsday Yankee blog pal "Dog" pointed out, I am channeling Bob Watson in Bad News Bears in Breaking Training!

Let them play!
Let them play!

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