Sunday, September 30, 2007

What will Mets fans regret the most?

1) The fact that they will be reminded of 2007 every time a team is up by 7 games with 17 to go?

Think they'll forget? It will be mentioned along with the 1951 Dodgers, 1964 Phillies and 1978 Red Sox.

2) The fact that the Mets lost to so many tomato cans AT HOME?

Yeah the two Phillies sweeps were rough, but they went home for their last 7 games against the pathetic Nationals, the already make plane reservations Cardinals and the flopping Marlins. They won a grand total of one game.

3) The fact that they lost the Division to Philadelphia?

As a Red Sox fan who lived in New York... trust me, when your team loses to a team whose fans you interact with all the time... it hurts more.

It's what made 2004 so unique to Yankees fans. When the Yankees lost, they'd lose to obscure fan bases (Florida, Anaheim, Arizona, Seattle) or fan bases they didn't see much of (Los Angeles, Kansas City, Cincinnati).

You had to go all the way back to 1955 to see the Yankees lose to a team that was close to them (the Brooklyn Dodgers) and even then, the team left town 2 years later.

The Red Sox aren't going anywhere and we haven't let the Yankees forget it.
I'm sure Yankee fans haven't let you guys forget 2000 nor the 24 more titles.

Now get ready to hear it from Phillies fans.

4) The fact that some fans prematurely claimed the city?

It's safe to say the Mets have not claimed the city as their own. And any A-Rod/Jeter vs. Wright/Reyes debate seems pretty decisive.

5) The fact that the window might be closing?

There are some young pieces on this team but a lot of old ones as well... and the Mets were clearly built for right now. And with a wide open National League (and a chance to open the post season at home) the Mets blew a prime chance to potentially go to the World Series.

6) The fact that Beltran was caught looking last year?

Who knew that Carlos looking at strike three might have been the Mets last chance to go to the Series in a long while.

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