Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's pretty darn close to anarchy!

The season ends tomorrow. All we know is the Diamondbacks will be playing someone and the Cubs will be flying somewhere.

How wonderful was it that with one out to go for San Diego to clinch and be on the verge of tidying up the playoff picture (D'Backs vs Cubs... East winner vs Padres) that the second most famous Padre of all time (Trevor Hoffman) let up a tying hit to the son of MR. PADRE (Tony Gwynn Jr)?

The Brewers don't roll over and suddenly with the Rockies blowing out the D'Backs we still have 4 teams for 2 slots and 4 meaningful games on the last day.

Now all we need is for all 4 home teams to win... and we have 4 teams with 89 wins.
Potential anarchy!

Don't let me down, Brewers/Phillies/Mets/Rockies!

Man... if the Brewers had won those three games at home we would have had the East, Central and Wild Card all tied on the last day.

Let it go, Sully.
Let it go!

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