Saturday, October 02, 2010

Go for 20, Ubaldo

Remember when Ubaldo Jimenez was 15-1 at the All Star break? It looked like not only was he a lock for the Cy Young Award but had a legit shot at 30 wins.

He got his 15th win on July 8th.
If I told you that in the second half, the Rockies would have a 10 game winning streak and Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez would enter the MVP race, you'd think he'd have AT LEAST 25 wins going into the last weekend.

But here we are... in his last start of the season, still searching for win #20.

And like I said about Jon Lester, 20 wins is still a cool milestone no matter what the sabermetric people tell me.

Being a 20 game winner with a sub 3.00 ERA should be a Cy Young contender every year... and as a member of the Rockies should put him #2 or #3 in the voting.

There is something frustrating about 19 wins too. You got THAT close to 20 wins but didn't get it.

It's kind of like Jerry Seinfeld's "Silver Medal" bit. If you won 18 games... that's great. If you won 19 games, you can't help but think "How close did you get to 20? Did you lose a tight game?"

So let's go Ubaldo... win that 20th game. Be the first 20 game winner in Rockies history... and do NOT give announcers the line "He looked like he had a shot at 30 but didn't even win 20."

And enjoy Seinfeld at his best.


  1. I love that Seinfeld skit! Congrats, you are the best of the losers!
    I really thought Ubaldo would run away with it. At the halfway point he was untouchable. I think a bad second half keeps him from Cy Young consideration, BUT I am pulling for him for win #20...

  2. I don't remember much about Seinfield but I heard that it was quite a good program that he had.