Saturday, October 02, 2010

Was it really necessary to play a double header between the Orioles and Tigers yesterday?

Did even the fans in Baltimore want to see these two games?

I mean I guess the 20,000 fans who paid to see the games must have been happy to see the birds win both games. But it is one team that played well to avoid 100 losses playing a team that has to run the table to finish about .500.

One lousy team versus an underachiever who has as much chance to play a meaningful game this October as the Seattle Pilots.

I think the baseball world could have still turned if they just played one game and each team finished the season with 161 games.

Now I didn't watch the games (No, I wasn't going to spend my Friday night watching TWO Tigers/Orioles games!) but were there really 20,000 people there?

20,000 people showed up to watch these two teams. I know that isn't a great crowd, but this wasn't a great match up.

Baltimore is a sleeping giant, folks. If 20,000 fans could show up to see this lemon of a match up... then there might very well be a rabid fan base just waiting for a winner.

Do your job, Buck Showalter. You could become a Baltimore God.

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  1. Psatact9410:33 AM

    I love your blog but I have to disagree with you here. MLB should ALWAYS try to (within reason) reschedule these games. These games are important for audition purposes for these teams, and they should have every opportunity to conduct them. Lest we forget Ryan Howard was a 2005 September call-up. You might say well he played 20 or so games, so what does one matter? But that's one fewer game for a callup to have a 3 HR game and get noticed. It's almost a guarantee that at least one player on the rosters is playing that game for the first time. You never know when you're watching the next superstar for the first time.

  2. I understand and this post was a little in jest
    But you see a lot of teams finish a year with 161 games because of a rain out. This seemed to me like a prime one to leave off

    But hats off to the Oriole fans who showed up

  3. Psatact942:13 PM

    My bad, though by my count, MLB has only not played 4 games since 2004 (1 in 2004, 1 in 2006, 2 in 2008.) I think they are trying harder.