Saturday, October 02, 2010

Look at that! The Red Sox won a game!

Christ, I forgot what that even felt like.
Well a night where the Red Sox and Yankees played a combined 20 innings, it is nice to know they had one more comeback and one more walk off win.

Granted it was the Red Sox JV team beating the Yankees JV team... but think of THIS, lovers of Schadenfreude... if the Rays win a game against the 94 loss Kansas City Royals tomorrow, they will be AL East Champs.

And if the Yankees have to play a game 5 of the Division Series or Game 7 of the ALCS on the road, they can remember a night when they were pooped and had Ivan Nova chucking meatballs to Bill Hall.

You are welcome Tampa. Now win your game tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks Sox!!! We appreciate it, the Rays...