Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Red Sox said good bye to a beloved player properly

The World Series MVP became an official award in 1955 and only two Red Sox players have ever received it.

Manny Ramirez and Mike Lowell.

One had his Red Sox career end so badly that he couldn't be more hated in Boston if he took a crap on Paul Revere's statue.

And the other got to have a dignified day in his honor to celebrate all he meant to the club.

Not bad for a guy who was the expensive potential deal killing toss in for the Josh Beckett trade.

I am glad to see Mike not enter my "All Ungraceful Exit From The Red Sox" roster.

Oh the Red Sox TRIED to make it awkward... the aborted trade in the off season and Mike wanting to be released this season.

But instead we have a salute to a World Series hero.

Alas, Carlton Fisk, Luis Tiant, Fred Lynn, Wade Boggs, Dwight Evans, Johnny Damon and Roger Clemens never got this sort of farewell.

Maybe management is just better now.

Farewell Mike.
Thanks for the big hits.

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