Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Joba Jobs

Andy Pettitte is back with the Yankees and already the hands are wringing in Yankee land again.

"What will Joba Chamberlain's role be?"

If I am not mistaken Joba broke in with the team in 2007

We are approaching the 2009 season and he still doesn't have a defined role?

Look, I was an advocate that he should be the heir to Rivera.

Rivera can't last forever and Yankee fans saying "Closers are overrated" sound like Warren Buffet saying "Money isn't everything."

But he showed he could be a fine starter or a fine reliever.

As he goes into season #3, here's a revolutionary and controversial idea:


All the coddling and babying and Joba rules STILL landed him on the DL. And who knows how he is handling it mentally. Getting a DUI in the off season isn't a good sign!

Look, as a Red Sox fan, part of me giggles at the idea of the Yankees hemming and hawing and wasting this talent because they are too chicken sh*t to make a decision. But it is beyond comical.

He's a young big boy. Pick a role.

My boys were on the fence with Papelbon... should he start of should he relieve? The Sox picked a role and stuck with it.

And my boys dealt with injuries. Lester had f---ing CANCER. He's in the rotation now and is good.

Pick a role.

Mariano Rivera had a terrific season last year and his third top 5 finish for the Cy Young in the last five seasons.

He's 39 years old coming off of surgery.
Do you know a lot of 39 year old pitchers coming off of surgery who keep up a Cy Young type pace?

Without some help from Brian McNamee?

Then again putting Joba in with a healthy Wang, a happy Sabathia and veterans like Andy and Burnett could give the Yankees a solid 5 and make either Kennedy or Hughes expendable.

Pick a role.

He should have had a defined role going into 2008. Now nobody knows what the hell he is going into 2009.

It's moronic. That's not my opinion. That's a fact I could prove to a jury in a court of law.

Pen or rotation.
The Rivera for the 2010s or a stud in the rotation.

Harvey Dent it and flip a coin.

Or, as a Red Sox fan, I could say "Stay the course! Maybe by 2018 his role will be defined

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